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    Between the sources of information and their uses, we develop solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. Our experience, our skills can bring our expertise to professions having apparently any links between them.

    Some examples of very different kind of our areas of intervention:

     On the events 
      where our solutions of visitor's pre registration at trade fairs, conferences and seminars have already resulted in the seizure online hundreds for thousands of entries for which we provide counting and statistics.
      Our badges or electronic ticketing with our secure online payment allow visitors to print their access titles directly from their personal workstation. Matched with the access control, these solutions provide a gain therefore in terms of cash flow and host at the entrance of events.
      Web 2.0 oriented since 2005 our development provide ergonomics necessary for a quick and assisted registration by the visitor without compromising on the quality of data.

     Trades food, restaurants 
      For the treatment of "Titres Restaurant". Acquisition of information from a barcode and production of formatted documents on-line.

     Automotive sector 
      Realisation of standardized sheets on consumption and carbon dioxide emissions (CO2)in real time. More broadly, the production and supply "on line" of documents provided based on an interactive architecture. www.etiquette-energie.fr

      Other projects on which you will ask us to study ...
      We will convince you.

    The good way to follow between your external data sources and their treatment in your office.
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